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Comments from our 2023 Convention:


List one thing that really stood out this year. -Or- What was your favorite part of this Convention?

The round tables were my favorite. I was able to really learn a lot on a more personal level.

My favorite part was learning tips and tricks from existing franchisees

Loved the fireworks. Mixing up the seats for the round tables was fun.

Rooftop was great, speaking with other franchises -giving some advice on what has been working for us.

Room was amazing. Grant Farm excursion was fun. Time to talk with other franchisees was excellent.

As always, the award ceremony gives me such an accomplished feeling for my previous years hard work!

The willingness to help one another on any topic.

Saturday classes were all really good. Getting ideas from other franchisees is important.

I really enjoyed the connections we made with other franchises. This helped us to get a feel for how other folks are running their business. We can see where we are doing well and areas we need to improve. Talking with other Fish people gives us ideas and strategies to do this.

Really likes the rewards changes - still great recognition and the sense of wanting to reach higher, but it flowed better and even felt like more folks got recognized.

The overall convention was more refined, the digital boards everywhere with the awards, peoples numbers. The text notification system. And the nicer hotel. These all helped to elevate the overall professional experience.

The atmosphere was electric. Very positive experience.

I loved the comradery. It really felt like being part of a family.

I always like to connect and see familiar faces during breaks and in between classes, breakouts and what not. but i equally enjoy learning new names and connecting with new people in the classes and lunches and dinners. i always look forward to the awards dinner night and probably my favorite part. Its like a reward to myself for all the hard work put in for the year to get me there. i love seeing the achievements other locations had. But the location and the hotel itself were perfect.

I truly enjoyed all the time allocated to networking, whether it was a round table or event, I felt like I was able to connect with so many new folks this year.

What are your overall thoughts?

I am always blown away by the professionalism, the organization, the involvement of the Merrick family. It truly is like a family reunion without all the dysfunction. :)

This convention gets better and better. We appreciate all the hard work that was put into this and all the mentorship that happens throughout the time in St.Louis and the year that follows. Everyone is genuinely excited for each other and invested in each others success.

It was an amazing time and i learned more then i thought i would be able to gain.

Great job, it flowed well and certainly was packed full. Content was good, some applied and some not in my opinion. Hard to make every topic 100% impactful to everyone. Plus getting so many awards was quite spectacular. Our team all had a great time and have ways to improve out local biz

21 years in and I still love coming. I think we hit the proper balance of program vs social time.

It has been several years since I attended. It was refreshing to listen to other franchises and the different ways they are managing their business. I would like to have attended more of the Friday afternoon breakouts especially the outside speakers.

My favorite so far in ten years.

Maybe because there is circle of us "old timers", but the bond between us felt very real and I just loved seeing old friends.

Top Notch!

More time in learning the in & outs of the Fish system that are still confusing to me.

I thought the conference was great. Saw the staff shine as they presented and shared info. Enjoyed the hotel and the weather and venue was great on Friday evening.

It was great. Thank you all for everything you do to make it happen so well.

Always great, fish people are awesome.

Very thought through and preparation is noticed, was professional and welcoming to all. 

Best one ever. I really love to see how most people are doing really well and getting to catch up and hear those stories.

I thought the convention ran smoothly and punctual and the topics for breakouts and round tables were appropriate.

Worth it, thank you.

I always get a lot out of the convention, by talking with other franchisees. It lights a new fire under me, and pushes me to achieve things I see others achieving.

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